2009 Mazda 3 Sport Edition (old model) 1.6 petrol


Reliable up to 180,000 KM, with only a clutch judder from nearly new, which the Mazda dealer would not accept as being a fault.

Since 185,000 KM (November 2014 to April 2015) however, it has been very poor:

a) Engine knock sensor failure - cost nearly GBP 700 to be replaced.

b) Wipers failed - a faulty relay in the BCM (Body Control Module) - required a new BCM costing over GBP 3,000 installed.

c) Alternator failed - a cheap repair at under GBP 300.

d) Front wheel bearing failed at 194.000 KM - GBP 300 to replace.

It is a shame as the car has been a pleasure to own until this happened.

General Comments:

a) Handling excellent (especially with premium tyres such as Michelin Pilot Sport 3s).

b) Fuel consumption is 0.66 litres per 10 KM driven gently, 0.85 when driven spiritedly.

c) Engine has used about 1 litre of oil per 20,000 KM (between services) ever since new (something of a surprise after a Honda Civic R that never needed oil between services even at 250,000 KM).

d) Acceleration is very good for a non turbo 1.6 petrol.

e) Comfort is good.

Without the serious repair costs recently, I was planning to replace it with another Mazda 3, but that is unlikely now.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2015