2003 Mitsubishi Space Star family 1.3


Good reliable car


Problem with back brakes. Car ss braking, but not evenly on entire disk surface. Should be a common fault? Haven't fixed it yet.

Other than this no problems.

Yes, the paint chips easy. Way easy...

General Comments:

It nice car with place all around.

Some stupid things like, if I put Cola bottle in drink holder and want to open ashtray it hits the bottle and don't open completely.

I'm 190cm and can sit at back seat with place to spare!

Seat fabric is kinda white and its bad when you have children.

I will not talk about performance because it almost don't have any.2 and 3'rd gear have "some" power and that's it.

1'st gear is way to short.

Too noisy when going over 120km/h.I mean on engine noise.110km/h is on 3500rpm.That's high.

You sit high inside and its easy to go in and out.

Stupid position for cigarette lighter (inside ashtray).

All in all I own it for 1 year and I'm happy with it.

(but shall change it for something more power full. Don't misunderstood me,I love the car and the looks, but the engine is too weak for my likings).

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Review Date: 5th November, 2007

5th Nov 2007, 10:39

"Space Star"? CORNY!

3rd Jul 2008, 06:20

I'm still driving the same Space star. Having driven for 130,000km now.

Normal service over time like changing motor oil, filters etc. All done by myself. Why pay when its easy.DIY!

Brake pads on right-front have started to worn suddenly and have to be replaced now.

I started to replace them but damn caliper-bolt is all rusty and I can't get it to open. Have tried all I could but nothing worked.

Back brakes are still the same as I wrote in original post.

Shall fix all brakes next week at local garage.

TJ boot on right-front axle fell off. No damage to joint so only boot changed.

Now the same problem on left side. (damn tj boots).

A good part of paint scratches all over the car. Few reviewers have wrote that paint chips and scratches easily and I agree. Looks like every morning when I wake I find new scratch on the car. And I keep the car in garage. You figure!

Otherwise no problems at all.

Everything working as it should.

Never let me down and never caused me problems.

This is a good build quality car!!!

But sadly I'm gonna let it go next week when I change the brakes. I kinda got bored of driving it and just need a change.

17th Jul 2008, 06:49

I'm the guy with the 128,000 mile 1.9 DiD Space Star, don't let it go you'll regret it. When doing the brakes make sure all moving parts get plenty of copper slip on especially the rears they do sieze if not protected and buy quality parts.

4th May 2009, 08:40

I have sold the car on 30.04.09.


Got tired of driving it + rust on 5th (back) door. No wonder how much they salt here in Norway, but anyway for 5-6 year old car it's kind of early to rust don't you think?

Also a lot of paint bubbles on the 5th door. Dealer refuses to look at it saying that car is old. But they give 10 years rust guarantee!

Anyway I was pleased with car, has not given me trouble and have never died on me on. Good fuel economy, 5,5L/100km on a country road/highway, 7,5L/100km in a city.

Well that's it then.