1996 Nissan Primera LX 2.0 petrol


Cheap and lively car, built to low standards


Clutch replaced at 145000km (expected and calculated into purchase price).

Window wiper spring broke.

Servo pump leakage.

Windshield not watertight (known issue with mounting plates).

Suspension parts, exhaust and handbrake maintenance.

General Comments:

Very lively, strong engine - even though it is only rated at 120hp or so.

Light car, good mileage (~7l/100km).

Excellent visibility - good old station wagon.

Pleasant no-BS exterior design.

Very cheap used car, very low insurance cost.

Good baggage space, tradeoff with miserable passenger space in the back. Steep, uncomfortable seatback. Second row only suitable for small children.

Nice, big buttons, but sometimes strangely placed.

Uncomfortable seats up front, designed for small people.

Material quality is awful and resembles a cheap 1990s stereo in the dashboard. No buttons are lit up. Carpets are bad. No effort made to stop rubber mats on the floor from moving around.

No fastening points whatsoever for the baggage. Had to bore holes myself. Generally not thought-through solutions.

Car is extremely prone to rust and has incredibly thin sheet metal. Especially if your former car was a Volvo, like mine. General feeble built quality - the whole car twists under hard acceleration.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 14th February, 2013