1997 Opel Tigra


Fun. A yellow Lotus Elise is better, though


The clutch broke down at around 55000Km, car 3 years old. Brakes require lot of attention, and the engine head got broken and had to be substituted since the engine was eating water. Paint chips easily, and the colour of the plastic part tends to fade with respect to the one of the main metal body.

General Comments:

Despite all that, and all the money I've thrown after it, I love the car. It's light, agile, has a sharp steering (I use often recently a Leon20V, gee, it feels like a truck), the gearbox is *fast* and the engine has enough push - not to mention the lovely design, which is still way better than most younger and expensive cars (not to mention, in the lighter colours it still turns heads :). It has a bit of nasty behaviour on occasion, when pushed - it tends to spin and the front wheel block easily. It's far from perfect, dynamically (after all it's derived from the - ahem - Opel Corsa :-) but still lots of fun.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2002