1972 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 6.750 ccm


Absolute excellent. You need to get one!


This car has obviously some years to it now and it has also covered a significantly distance.

As the car stands now it is almost nothing wrong with it. Just wrapped front disc and a minor leakage from the exhaust and of course some rust (non visible).

I also own an 2004 Audi. Just let me say that service parts for the Silver Shadow is cheaper then those for the Audi!

Owning a Silver Shadow the only real concern should be whether the engine or the hydraulic leveling system breaks - which it won't.

General Comments:

I have had the car for just a short time, but I must say it is absolute incredible. A 36 years old car and still drives better than most new cars in many aspects.

The interior is still in excellent condition and it looks awesome exterior too even though it starts to form rust here and there.

You can hardly hear the big V8 - that goes from both inside and outside.

It is a good feeling owning a bit of the most excellent piece of automotive engineering ever built.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 18th July, 2008