2000 Skoda Felicia LXi Pickup 1.3 MPI


Absolutely worth the money


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

I am quite happy with the engine, considering that it is only 1.3 litre.

Nevertheless I would probably buy the 1.6 litre if I were to buy the car today.

Another person at this forum did not know how to change the wiper interval.

In the beginning I did not understand it either. Now I do know how. First you turn the wiper on and immediately off again. Then you wait for as long as you want the interval to be. Then you turn the wiper on again, but this time you leave it on. Now it will wipe automatically at the interval you have just chosen.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2002

27th Apr 2006, 20:22

Gday, I'm an owner of a 1998 Felicia Pickup LX 1.3 liters. My pickup has 253.400 original kilometers and I have never opened the motor.

My car was stolen and the robbers crashed the pickup. I repaired the car and everything goes good again.

Yes, maybe a 1.6L motor could run better, but the 1.3 revs very good, I put 5000 revs on my tach and the motor responds.

The only mechanical parts that I have changed are: all the suspension joints, the rubber protection for the axle, the distribution chain, the brake pads, shocks, and the bearings of the front and rear wheels.

In summary, a very good car, very resistant and very noble.

Good for Skoda!!!