2000 Suzuki Wagon R+ 4wd 1.2 petrol


Practical mini-van


A few things, but myself to blame:

- New exhaust and suspension when I hit the road at 86,000 km

- New brakes at 91,000 km

- Some corrosion fixed at 89,000 km.

Otherwise, it starts every day from minus 25 to plus 25 Celsius.

General Comments:

Very nice city car!

4wd makes the car even more practical in wintertime. It is needed here in Norway!

The seats are not the best, but the car handling is surprisingly good.

It is also very practical. Friends call me all the time wanting help to transport something.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2007

1999 Suzuki Wagon R+ 1.2 Liter Gasoline


Ugly little reliable car!


Left tail light went out, and to change the tail lights, you have to remove the entire rear bumper.

Other than that, nothing so far, bought the car in 1999, the 100HP 1.2 liter engine is still running strong!

General Comments:

Ugly to look at.

Uncomfortable seats.

Extremely Reliable.

Very low running costs.

Little outside, huge inside.

Very good view of the road.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2006