1989 Volkswagen Caravelle C 1.6L turbo diesel


Great, yet slow, people mover at a reasonable price


The exhaust system currently in the process of falling apart.

Coolant system leaks.

Window handles coming apart.

General Comments:

The Caravelle (or Vanagon, as it is called in America), is a BIG car, with lots of room. Mines was originally a 5 (6) seat version only sold in Norway, but is now rebuildt into a 7 seater, with no original VW seats in the back. The good thing about this is that I can carry 6 passengers plus myself and still have more luggage space than any other "normal" family car out there!

One of the things this car suffers from, is lack of power. The 1.6l Turbo Diesel engine is way too small for a car this size, especially when you have the car full of people and luggage, going uphill then is a nightmare! It slows down to 50-60kph in medium uphills, and down to about 40-50kph in steep uphills, and of course this drives everyone else on the road nuts.

Also, it is not a very luxurious car. My car has exactly what it needs to have, no extras. The sound proofing is not so good, so the engine noise is very noticable, especially going uphill with a heavily loaded car.

The front seat comfort is OK, but I have to take breaks to stretch out my back when going on longer trips. The interior is typical old fashioned VW, with black plastic, black painted metal, and black rubber mats on the floor.

To sum it up: This is a basic car to slowly move a lot of people and luggage in.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 14th August, 2003