2002 Volkswagen Polo C 1.4


We love it!


Right side rear window jammed. Fixed under warranty.

Last year the EPC lamp came on. It was fixed by the dealer as a software upgrade. The new software is said to be more fault tolerant.

General Comments:

It looks better than its competitors, and it has a little touch of Audi inside.

With 2 cars in the family, the Polo is our favourite city car. Automatic works well with the 1.4 engine and it is fun to drive. In fact, we like the Polo so well that we have just ordered the all new Polo - just from the brochure.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2009

2003 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Highline


Problems at a very early stage..


Strange sound beneath the car. (Will be fixed by dealer)

Dashboard rattles. (Dealer will try to fix it)

General Comments:

A overall nice car, but I have bad feeling because of the early rattling in the dashboard and the problems with noise underneath the car.

The 65hp engine is very good.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2003

9th Jul 2003, 13:26

What type of noise is the strange sound from under the car?I think I may have the same problem, which the technicians at the VW dealership are trying to tell me is tyre noise, I don't think it is.


22nd Oct 2007, 12:07

I have a 2004 Volkswagon Polo 1.4 FSI (Petrol) 5Dr. Car runs great except recently when I change down at junctions, engine revs drop and engine cuts out. On restarting, engine will not idle. Problem tends to clear itself after a while. No engine management lights come on. Had it plugged into four different computers to check it, including main dealer; no faults found. It seems to be an intermittent fault; has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what was fault and remedy?