1986 Volvo 360 GLT 2.0 injection


Reliable truck


The starting-engine blew, twice.

Had to replace the key-starter, it made the starting-engine blow.

Bad bulk inside cockpit, driver-side, it has started to rust badly.

Oil-leakage that I can't find, or I am just too lazy to find.

Window-whisker "squirter" is broken.

Brake-cylinder leakage.

General Comments:

It handles turns like a rally-car.

Straightens up like it was automatic.

Fine cockpit.

Replaced all brakes, still it's a bit bad.

Starts to shake after 120 km/h, balanced the tires, so now it shakes after 140 km/h.

Could be a bit tricky in the winter, have to turn the key about 3-5 times more than usual.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2005

1985 Volvo 360 2.0 petrol B200K


Someone called it a 240 in disguise - a bulletproof long lasting rocket


Nothing yet, but a few things were already wrong when I got it. A rear wheel drive shaft joint is worn and makes the whole car vibrate when driving uphill around 60 km/h. Planning to change it.

Lots of rattles, mostly my road's fault, but it sounds like it's coming from the doors and windows. Planning to change them from a newer parts car, hope that'll shut them up. The front suspension is also rattling a bit, planning to change the bushings and shocks.

The steering wheel is a bit heavy, especially with my wide tires. Getting a servo unit tomorrow, actually, hope it has the same feel and feedback as the 240 power steering.

General Comments:

I love it. I can't say it too loud, because people will think I'm stupid, but I do. It's the perfect car, except for a few little things. It's really quick, fun to drive, handles like a dream. Sticks to the road like a.. sticker. Nothing like any other Volvo I've tried..

Perfect for driving fast and sideways on gravel, but is also perfect for curvy paved Norwegian roads. Haven't tried it in the snow yet, though.

The little annoying things I am planning to change to fit my needs. Like the hood hinges - stupid and heavy. I'll try to take the spring preloaded hinges from a 240 - should be easy, as the lock already is at the front.

I love the way it looks, too, though it looks a bit weird with the original 175 wheels. Mine has got 15 inch rims from BMW and 195/50 tires on it, that makes it look awesome.

I'm quite tall, and I can't really find a perfect sitting position. It seems like the steering wheel is too far away and the pedals are too close. I am planning to transplant the steering column from a 1980 parts car, though, because it puts the wheel closer to the driver.

The doors open too little, so if you're used to any other car you'll crash in the door when going out or in. And even if you're used to it, it's very annoying to have to walk around the door to get in or out.

I also think the headlamps are too weak. May be poor wiring or contact, but I am thinking of replacing them with double round lights, that may look cooler.. I'll see.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2001

15th Feb 2004, 13:42

How is it possible to make it into power steering?i need to do it to my 360 gls. any help?