1996 Volvo 850 Wagon 2.5L 144hp


A robust swede that will never let you down


ABS-module - Typical problem of cracked solder joints.

Door hinge driver's side - Typical Volvo problem.

Instrument panel - just went dead when jumpstarting the car after a long period of not being used.

Parts of the dashboard on the passenger side have started to warp.

General Comments:

It's very rust resilient. After many winters with salted roads, I can barely find any rust on the undercarriage.

Great seats and driving comfort. Lots of space.

If you are not willing to spend your hard earned money on the dealership, there are a lot of information on repairs online. It is relatively easy to work on.

It's a heavy car, therefore not the best fuel economy.

Conclusion: It's a great car. You can't go wrong buying it!

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Review Date: 28th May, 2011

1996 Volvo 850


A great car in every way, but a bit slow


Exhaust pipe, suspension, nothing serious.

General Comments:

Excellent car that still runs like a clock in spite of the high mileage. In the winter it's a monster. The car stands outdoors all through the year, and since I live in rural Norway, the weather conditions can be extreme. The car never fails.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2006

29th Jan 2008, 08:25

It's the same in Switzerland. Cold and nasty wetter conditions. My Volvo 850 never faild. It is expensive to keep it up (regular services), but it's worth. Now I've got 340'000 kilometers and all still working fine (I do about 40000 a year).