2005 Hyundai Santro Exec 1.0 Efi


Nice car


Exterior is weak.

Head lights are not well placed (light angle on roads).

Back seats space is a little less than normal.

Parts are expensive.

General Comments:

Car is good in comfort with power steering & power windows & front bucket seats.

Interior is very well built.

Car has good enough power.

Drive is very smooth.

Brakes are very good.

There is still a little room in the back, even with CNG.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2009

2005 Hyundai Santro GV 1.0L


Should be banned and producers be hanged


Problems with CNG level indicator from very first day.

Alignment for all doors was out.

Got terrible noises in the suspension.

When checked by the dealer, it came out that its steering column is defective. This occurred at just 6,000 Kms. mileage.

The dealer repaired this fault, but now once again I have started experiencing the same problem.

Terrible road grip, my mechanic has refused to get it aligned properly and was even willing to return my money I paid him to get my car's suspension aligned.

Very poor fuel economy.

Poor performance on CNG.

AC got repaired in very first year.

General Comments:

I won't recommend anyone buying this terrible car.

I will never ever make this mistake again of buying a Korean vehicle again.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2006

4th Dec 2006, 04:29


I just back last night agter having a 1200 km drive in 2 days, I found it perfect car, even I could save a major accident due to its good road grip.

2005 Hyundai Santro Club GV 1.0 EFI


Great car in its class. if you are thinking about buying a bread butter small car BUY IT!


Nothing serious has gone wrong.

General Comments:

This a good car especially it runs fantastic over CNG and even has got pickup with CNG.

The Engine is quiet and responsive.

Great on hilly roads.

Very comfortable and roomy for the front seaters.

You can just find so may small things that put you to like this car. like three cup holders, coin holders, two holder holders each at the side of steering to keep things handy.

Real viper, night time rear view mirror to avoid flashing ligts coming from the vehicles at the back. the view at the front is marvelous as the windshield is wide and gives you great angle to look around.

Back seats are uncomfortable.

The Car does seems to require ABS Brakes as standard as the wheels gets locked during braking.

Some times it gets worrisome to stop the car within short range.

It has a bit stiff although rugged suspension. It must required to be some soft.

Steering require strength to move. Power steering is a must.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2005

2005 Hyundai Santro Club GV 1.0 EFI


Good car, could be great with some minor changes


Sudden breaking locks all four wheels causing the car to skid. Very little leg room & the chair position for the driver gets tiring very soon. The clutch & break pedal are a little too close for comfort & if wearing a wider shoe the break pedal gets pressed easily with the clutch, the left foot has to be in a precise position to avoid this from happening. The steering is very hard, power steering should have been standard.

General Comments:

Very nice suspension, better than all cars in its class. Excellent pickup on C.N.G and the A/C is just as good as of a Honda City or Civic. Engine sounds quite nice & the over all feel of the car is pretty good. The road grip on curves is really good (I'm still trying to make the car skid a little on curves, but it doesn't give). Loaded with nice little features that make a difference like a rear wiper, light in the boot, very nice sounding Panasonic stereo, cup holders, a drawer under the passenger seat for additional stuff etc. The C.N.G kit is especially very well fitted taking up very little of space in the boot.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2005

19th Oct 2005, 19:37

Well all I wanna say is... I am buying this car today... saw it the other day at the showroom... already satisfied with the drive and all... the only thing that was sad was the price. I remember my friend buying it when this was I guess the cheapest 1000 cc car... Own around 30-40 thousand.. the Own has just raised to 75 thousand... I wonder why the OWN to buy a car... any car for that matter.

Also would like to know HOW safe is the new CNG kit installed in Santro Club GV? if anyone can comment on that and cover the key features/drawback for the new CNG KIT.