1984 Isuzu Trooper DLX 2.3


Most Graceful Off-roader


I'd severe problems with it's clutch when I bought it. As it'd a cable clutch system. Now I got it altered am using a hydraulic clutch.

General Comments:

It roars on the road as well as on off-road tracks.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2006

1989 Isuzu Trooper 3-door 2.6 EFI


Reliable cheap to run utilitarian run-about!


Brake lines, shoes and disc pads have been replaced a couple of times.

Front suspension has need minor work (new bushes etc)

New starter motor.

Driver's door got stuck once, pins needed oiling.

Converted to run on CNG (LPG) in 2003.

General Comments:

I've had this car for three years now, as a run-about, and generally it's been just fine.

Isuzus are quite rare in Pakistan, and as a result, spares are difficult to find.

Though not the most comfortable, refined or good-looking of 4x4s, it's certainly a well-built and reliable machine, especially compared to locally assembled cars.

It was converted to run on CNG to reduce fuel costs, and is now very economical run (though fuel economy was not bad even before) for a 2.6-litre engine.

Good off-road and on rough patches, but on long drives, he ride can be quite bumpy, and tiring for passengers at the back!

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Review Date: 7th June, 2005

1984 Isuzu Trooper DLX 2.2L diesel


A solid, reliable workhorse


Loose power steering hose within the first year. Just tightened up the clamp.

Tachometer would intermittently stop working. Got worse with age, but the fellow I sold the car to has fixed it now.

Air conditioner compressor needed to be replaced at about 120,000 km. Air conditioning was problematic ever since the replacement. Couldn't get it workig quite right till I sold it.

Alternator blew up at about 150,000 km.

Rear window defroster died sometime before the alternator blew up.

Changed shocks at 183,000 km.

Pressure plate & clutch needed to be replaced at 197,000 km.

Overhauled engine at 197,000 km as it had been consuming oil and did not like starting up on cold mornings.

Brake cylinders (rear) had to be replaced at 205,000 km.

General Comments:

Mine was an accidentally good experience with the Trooper. I was initially bummed that we had not gotten the flashier Mitsubishi Pajero in 1984 but as time passed, and the car just kept going like new, I was more and more impressed with it.

The Diesel makes barely adequate power and the car takes ages to accelerate - and its noisy. However its quite powerful in 4x4 mode and impressed me when a couple of Pajeros gave up and this thing made it through.

The ride has always been good. Needed to replace the shocks only once in its 200k plus tenure with us.

We had not intended to keep this car as long as we did, but it just kept on doing its job and never gave us a reason to sell it.

It got a bit moody toward the end though and required regular maintenance.

I am now in Dubai and am planning on buying another Trooper.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2004