2006 Proton Gen-2 Campro1.3 1.3


Excellent Performance and great value for your money


Nothing! In fact I have not bought it yet.

General Comments:

I have heard that some local automobile company is going to launch PROTON cars in Pakistan within next three years. It is of course a great news to hear. This would be first Malaysian car brand in Pakistan and being national car of brother country, most of the people are eager to welcome it. As far as I have personally experienced this car in Malaysia, I really have great expectations from this brand. As, these cars are very suitable for Pakistani environment, weather and road conditions. It is going to give tough time to the existing players in terms of price, performance and design.

Having world famous LOTUS technology and design, these cars are going to capture a great market share.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2006

17th Apr 2006, 12:44

Methinks I smell the marketing manager for Proton Pakistan.

18th Apr 2006, 01:23

Yes that's right that PROTON is willing to enter Pakistan shortly. As far as I know, it will be launched within next three months (not three years). However, it is a good news for Pakistani market and car enthusiasts as it of course is a great car brand.

So welcome to Pakistan, PROTON!

22nd Feb 2007, 07:30

Don't worry, I driving my fourth proton and my wife her second. We have had trouble free protons since 1987. I am driving a waja/impian and my wife a gen 2. We've had the saga, Iswara/MPI and Wira, all trouble free. Cheers.