1982 Toyota Starlet 1.0


Actually there are no big problems with this car, but the few problems are:

Interior dash light is too dim.

Brakes are not so powerful.

General Comments:

The car is like a blast. My father owned it when I was born, and now I am driving this car with all things original.

We haven't done a paint job on it since it was out of showroom in '82, and now it's 2004.

The car's average is superb, and its pickup is brilliant.

The car is suitable for racing (actually it's a racing car).

Seats are very good.

The car is carburated, but fuel consumption is low if properly maintained; 15km/l.

The body is not so light like a Sukuki Mehran etc etc...

I love this car.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2004

26th Aug 2005, 05:31

You're right about that, I also own a 1981 Toyota starlet.. Its economical, but still gives you enough power and has a good suspension design. Indeed a great car.

20th May 2009, 00:55

I have Startlet since last 10 yrs... its 88 model, Red color. Before buying this car, I used to have a car for yr or so, after I got it, I don't want to sell it.

Its very good. The consumption is very good, speed is good. Body is very strong. Its High from the ground as well. Very good Drive and Ride. Spacious from inside as well..


Breaks are not as good as it should be.

Spares are very hard to find.

Lights inside the speed meter are too low, although it can be taken care of but still not satisfactory.

Sharp Turns in a bit high speed takes the car out of the road. So one should be careful with it.


It's a Very Good Car to have.

I would Rate it... 7 out of 10.