1998 Alfa Romeo 145 1.4 TS L 1.4 petrol


Pleasure to drive and nightmare to service


Camshaft "changer" needs replacement every 25000 Km. Dealer says "it is normal".

Power steering pump replaced twice.

After filling with Shell 99+ car. didn't want to start - after resetting the computer problem disappeared.

Central lock started to open randomly (e.g. 30 seconds after locking or in the middle of the night). Dealer was attempting to fix it 7!!! times.

I was waiting 3 months for airbag controller after it was submerged.

Right speaker turns off randomly.

Water in fog lamps - lamps replaced twice.

A drivers seat cover is being fixed every time I visit the service.

Front wishbones replaced after 40000 Km.

Some trim elements were fitted with screws without washers (like a rear shelf on the right side) - a number screws and washers was found in a spare tire bay.

General Comments:

The car is beautiful - when we have seen it for a first time at dealers, when servicing our Uno, we could not resist buying it. The very next day we swapped the Uno for new Alfa.

When I see a sign "dangerous curves" I get excited - on an even road the car is fun to drive. Despite of some under-steer, handling is quick and precise.

The engine is happy to try hard. It sounds great and for its capacity it is a great performer.

Stability at high speed is superb - comparing to Focus, a handling benchmark, in this feature Alfa excels.

Fuel economy is not so good - comparing with my company car - Astra 1.6 - Alfa requires 2 liters/100 Km more, both in the city and on highway. Power and driver is the same.

I'm really in trouble - my wife will not accept another Alfa. I want to buy from Alfa again, but every time I recall my service history - I change my mind. Toyota are not so ugly...

The joke: "Why Alfa drivers don't great each other on the road? They met in the garage in the morning."

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 15th December, 2002