2005 Alfa Romeo 156 Crosswagon Q4 1.9 JTD Multijet 150 HP


Racing chassis under off-road skin


Speedometer needle jams at 90 km/h.

Wipers are loud.

The dashboard is noisy.

General Comments:

Crosswagon is a recent 4x4 version of 156 with bigger wheels and body raised by 6.5 cm.

After 3 years with great Alfa 156 2.0 JTS I've decided to address some minor weaknesses of the car and thus purchased a Crosswagon.

The diesel engine is more economical, it is also not loud and strong. However 2.0 JTS is much better performer.

Raised suspension still gives an excellent handling, in some conditons even better than 2wd model.

It is not an off-road vehicle. Ground clearance is mere 15 cm and under-body is not protected, only covered with plastic plate.

The 4wd system is state of art and provides plenty of grip.

In Poland, on bumpy country roads it is a great car.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2005

23rd Dec 2007, 05:43

Two years later I still like this car. Reliability issues apply only to front suspension elements (both upper wishbones and stabilizer bar had to be replaced) but all the rest including interior is as before.

31st Mar 2013, 07:42

Hello, I am thinking of buying used AR 156 Q4 with 115000 km on clock, the same model as reviewed, and it would we fantastic if you could give some more info on the car after all these years.

Best regards, Marko.

2002 Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 JTS S.W. 2.0


Pleasure on long rides


Dealer installed alarm did not control the windows properly.

Electric window motor died.

Plastic covers inside the trunk keep falling off.

General Comments:

This car delivers very comfortable ride - quite silent with suspension well mathing Polish bumpy roads. Bumps on a corner does not influence handling. I do not use low profile tires.

It is much softer than my previous Alfa, yet it handles very well.

Engine delivers plenty of torque in a very wide range of revs, so the car does not feel very sporty - engine works effortlessly. But surprisingly other cars are left far begind.

Overtaking lorries on single lane roads is a pleasure - quick acceleration and precise steering.

The only problem is fuel consumption - over 10l/100km on the road.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2003

2002 Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon 2.0 JTS


I look forward any opportunity to drive it far


Sometimes radio thinks that the changer is installed and on/off is needed to force to make it read CD's drom dash unit.

Covers of rear lights located inside rear doors fall off - they seem to be couple millimeters too small for the job.

So - nothing major.

General Comments:

After 5 years with previous Alfa I was expecting something different - harder, the car is much more silent and comfortable, then I expected - and I like it.

When accelerating I have a feeling that the car is slow - no sound, no influence on steering, only other cars are left behind surprisingly far away...

I wish I was 10 cm shorter - ergonomics are perfect for my girlfriend (172), and not so for me (188).

The steering, suspension and engine are very good. Shifting got much better after 10000 KM - it was a bit mushy in the beginning.

Suspension and tires (205/60/15) are excellent on bad Polish roads (on bumpy curves it is better than any other car I know), in Austria or Germany I would opt for bigger wheels and harder suspension.

The car is small (or rather tight) - it is rather premium class compact than D class station wagon.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2003