1991 Chrysler Saratoga SE 3.0L V6


American classic


So far since I bought it:

1. Minor engine leakages (already fixed), cheap to repair

2. Air filter (already fixed).

3. Oil filter (every 10000km, or once a year).

4. Exhaust system was totally rusted - cost me around 50 bucks to fix.

5. Axle shaft leakages (already fixed).

6. Transmission oil filter.

7. Front suspension has to be checked regularly due to the awfully poorly maintained roads in Poland.

8. Engine suspension needs fixing some $200 to fix.

General Comments:

It's a relatively old vehicle, but still it's a good car.

Never let me down. Better than expected interior equipment like:

AC, powered steering, powered windows, powered seats, powered side mirrors.

You ain't going to get another car with that equipment for such a price.

The problem is with gas mileage. 15mpg is very low, even with such a huge engine displacement.

The only thing that disturbs me is poor spare parts distribution, since some of the parts are not manufactured no more.

Great and cheap American classic.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 10th January, 2009