1994 Fiat Ducato


Comfortable, capacious, reliable little one


I bought the car after a serious accident where half of the car was completely damaged. But a good mechanic restored it to the previous shape. As for engine nothing happend, but some minor leakages, probably the gasket I never repaired it. Some untraceable irritating roaring from the left front suspension not a single mechanic could't find the source of it. Once I couldn't start it for some electric wire connections went rusty, WD40 solves the problem. Upholstery a little worn out due to it's daily use and dashboard started to buzz at bumpy streets which are generally common in poland. Hand brake not working. Rusty spots all over the body especially around the back door windows.

General Comments:

Besides of these minor problems car is just great in general. Perfectly handles the road, even in the shortest version load capacity in the back is enormous taking into account the size of the car. Driver's seats very comfortable on the long cruises, powered steering makes driving easier than in Hyundai for instance. Gear lever in the near vicinity to the steering wheel doesn't make driving with it hard. Very durable engine you just fill the tank and go. Many times I used it in the hard muddy terrains on the construction sites, but front drive makes it easy to get out of the hard area. The only problem is that you can't run it fast. My top reached velocity was about 60mph, but then engine is really noisy and you'd think it could blow at any second. Engine easy to repair. Perfect working tool for small companies especially when well maintained.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th March, 2006