1992 Mazda 323 GLX 1.6 16v


Very reliable, it's a lot of fun to drive this car!


Generally, most of the issues came from normal wear of a car, which is 16 years old:

Leaking water hose when bought.

Suspension requires regular maintenance.

Exhaust system replaced.

"Hold" (signaling A/T problems) flashed once.

General Comments:

Inefficient heating and ventilating (no AC).

Pretty loud over 100km/h.

Automatic transmission with 1.6 16v makes it quite expensive: 12-13l/100km is way too much.

Not extraordinary when it comes to handling, especially on wet surfaces.

VERY reliable, a bit of a sporty position behind the wheel.

Good looking for a 16-year old car.

This is a perfect choice for a first car for a young driver.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2009

1992 Mazda 323 F GLX 1.6 16v


Pracitical five doors car with pop-up lights


I was the 4th owner of that car. The car had also accident before I bought him.

- small oil leak from engine (was when I bought him).

- central lock (result of that accident I think).

- problems with first gear.

My Mazda never let me down... always were ready for a ride. Also pop-up lights never failed.

General Comments:

Great handling. Great stiff suspension, but not "hardcore". Problems with high curbs. I drove this car really fast and "hard" but anyway I write this: joints aren't durable.

Engine is very nice. Power from lower range of rev (full power - 3200rpm). So you haven't often use gearbox. But it isn't sport characteristic I think. 1.6 16V is really good and fast (10.2 to 100km/h) but not so fast as body looks : (

Interior is very gray. Seats have great handling, but after long ride I had problems with my back. Good low position behind the wheel. Like in sport cars. In summer driving without air-condition isn't nice. Upholstery also isn't durable.

How car looks on street? In my opinion this is car with soul. Do you know another car with five doors and pop-up lights? With big trunk? Now this car isn't something speciall... but after some years... who knows? I really liked this car. Car with soul, fun to drive.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2003

2nd Dec 2005, 05:05

Greetings from Bulgaria!:) I have 323f pop up lights 92 Mazda. I brought it from Germany before few weeks for 1500 euro with the insurance and everything.It`s on 186 000km and the car is real great. I made on it only 400km for now :) Today or tomorrow I`m gonna change the motor oil. I try it on 250 km distance in winter and cold weather (from one side of the country to the middle :) ) and it`s a real great car. I wish you very happy time with you 323f.And take care of it.