2003 Nissan Primera Acenta 1.9 turbo diesel


It's a great car assembled as bad as it's possible


Everything started after 3 months. First the acclimatization compressor was replaced, than xenon lamp.

Lock of the rear trunk door screw out.

After that oil run out of my engine when I was doing 180 km/h, so the turbo got broke. It took 1 weak to fix it and 3 other to make it right.

Oil pomp was replaced by the order of Nissan Europe.

Now I'm just after replacing xenon lamp for the second time, and all dashboard (the high voltage destroyed instruments panel after the xenon lamp got broke).

I also had some problems with interior elements and some rust on the rear window drivers.

Front chassis I have new as well...

General Comments:

It is really great looking, and great driving car.

Very comfortable and fast enough for most people.

But the problems with almost everything makes You afraid to drive it for some longer distance.

And I think it is sad, specially when You still remember old Nissan that reliability was legendary.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 13th May, 2005