1991 Toyota Corolla XL 1.3




It's a sedan.

When I bought the car - I replaced timing-gear chain, and the fuel pomp because of leaking. I also bought the LPG (Gas) installation, cause I'm a student and I was searching the way to reduce the maintenance costs. It was a great idea - now it takes 7,3-7,9 l. of gas/100 km!

At 182820 km I bought 2 front tires (just to be sure).

At 184722 km clutch get broken and I had to replace it.

After 6,500 km nothing else seems to be a problem.

General Comments:

Earlier my family had Fiat Cinquecento 0,7 l. and now we have Peugeot 206. So I know these cars better. Comparing to them my sweet Corolla is a great, cheap and very comfortable car.

I'm worry about the rust - it seems to be a main problem. I suspect the car was never garaged.

My transmission is 4-speed manual, but it's a bad idea - this car needs 5-speed! Especially for me, I love long distances.

After installing LPG (Gas) I have lost few horse-power, now acceleration above 70 km/h. is a problem, and the maximum speed is lower. On the highway the Car will go 135-145 km/h., but I prefer 120 km/h. the trip is still economic and inside car is quite silently.

I will never sell this car. I love it, and I will never sell it. In the future, when everything will go OK. my kids will learn to drive on this "grandma" Toyota!

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Review Date: 25th February, 2004