1990 Volkswagen Golf 1.6


Fun and (usually) dependable old beater


Problem with r.p.m. (did not drop after reving up or when stopped at traffic lights, etc. Fixed by mechanic, some fuel line problem to the carb (from what little I remember).

Lately the idling speed (r.p.m.) go up and down when car first starts up in the cold, then levels off after about 30 seconds.

Inexplicable knocking in lower front left (driver side, near wheel) when braking - but not consistently, only every second or third application of brakes - mechanic has yet to explain this paranormal activity.

General Comments:

Peppy engine, passing generally rarely a problem, even up most hills. Also that characteristic VW "rally" sound when hauling ass is music to the ears.

On the road performance is quite good (would be much better if GTI version).

Average braking ability, nothing special.

Average fuel economy, which hurts in one of many countries where gas is not cheap.

Spartan interior, but heck - it is a fifteen year-old VW after all.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2005

31st Dec 2005, 13:45

I was wondering if you were able to find the problem with the rpms when the car first starts, mine does it too.