2005 Volvo S40 1.8


Beware of Volvo


The car is a big problem. Not only does every thief want to steal the front grille from the car, which already I had problems replacing, but the car battery just seems to fail, after which the whole computer fails and all systems shut down.

Today it stopped in the middle of a busy street for reasons known to Volvo only. Then after pushing it into a parking lot, which demanded a lot of effort, I called the tow company. They towed me into Volvo, who was unable to say what was wrong, but now it's OK, and all they said is now I should keep an eye on the behaviour of the car. Are you joking? No no joke!

Do not buy VOLVO; they're expensive and crap. It's a myth that it's a reliable car.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2007

24th Nov 2007, 05:00

Wow, just because some weird person wants to steal the grille and the battery goes flat (alternator?),the car gets 0 marks for comfort??? I don't think that you own this car. This is a dud review. Also, cars are heavy - they are made of metal - that's why it is hard to push! On the other hand. the Daewoo is made of baked bean cans - that's why it doesn't take much to push it!

3rd Jan 2008, 09:06

Yes! I think that you are rather biased. S40 is a great car!

Of course if I had problems with mine I would be less happy, but owning a BMW for many years I can't say that Volvo is less reliable. If you want a car with no problems guarantee, then buy a Toyota (I own one too). But you can't really enjoy driving a Toyota (except Toyota Supra!!!).

26th Mar 2008, 10:44

Yes, interesting these views. I am currently driving a Volvo S60 D5 (Diesel) and cannot fault it. I have just driven across Europe and it is fantastic.

What fascinates me though is the lack of American cars here in Europe - especially the UK. Why is this, if they are so good? To satisfy myself, I went and drove the Chrysler 300C... what a mistake - for a start, they have appeared to have made the thing out of the poorest materials going.

Volvo all the way for me I'm afraid. I have owned several well over the 100,000 mile mark and none have cost me anything other than usual servicing. By the way, I don't know what the American brake 'rotor' is, but mine have never needed brake pads or discs this side of 70,000 mile a time?

Also, at one time I had a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (40k miles) and Volvo S70 2.5 1998 (135k miles) and the Volvo had was better in almost every way. I now don't own the Jeep - but can't bring myself to sell the S70.

No more American cars here please - they are cheap - and cheap for a reason!

1998 Volvo S40 T4 1.9 turbo petrol


Too expensive and too fast :)


Loud noise in front suspension, repaired after two visits at dealer.

The clutch works rough, I see some problems ahead.

General Comments:

Front seats could be more comfortable, the way height is regulated is a mystery for me, probably some studies in Volvo's R&D center is necessary. Rear seat is OK.

There is a lack of cup holders.

Engine is powerful, but turbo-hole exist, I liked 1.8T Volkswagen engine more.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2002