1996 BMW 5 Series 523i


Amazing luxury car



Airbag sensor.

Strange noise on brake pads (when braking in reverse).

Wheel bearings.

General Comments:

Great comfortable luxury car, built with very high standards.

Performance is OK for a 1700kg car. It reaches easily 220km/h, and the top speed is around 240 km/h with great stability. Can reach 250 km/h downhill.

Consumption in the city is about 12L/100km normal and 10L slow. At a constant 120/130 km/h with 4 people, it can do below 8 liters.

It's a pleasure to hear the engine revving above 5500rpm, with the 6 in-line singing nicely. Pure BMW technology.

The faults are normal for a 15 year old daily car.

The steering wheel is big and the steering is not the fastest. Maybe the age is playing a role now.

It's a great buy for the price, if you want a quality car for a small price. Find one in good shape.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2012

1998 BMW 5 Series 520i 2.0 petril


Superb for a car that already has 9 years


After 15.000 miles in my hands:

- Front suspension had some problems, fixed @ BMW for about 300EUR

- Rear right and left window lifters broke completely, replaced with two used (bought on eBay) for about 150 EUR both. (replaced at home)

- Passenger airbag showed fault, fixed by replacing passenger seat sensor (the one that is inside the seat). (*replaced at home and then dealer erased the error from the system)

General Comments:

Handles very well, even with ESP off.

The model I've bought already has year 2001+ xenon lights, which are very good. I've bought new rear lights from HELLA, so my beauty looks completely face lifted.

Comfort is as good as Peugeot and believe me, Peugeots are very comfortable cars.

Running costs are not that high as you might think; yes you pay premium when you go to the BMW dealer, but what do you expect? It's a luxury manufacturer.

Consumptions are about (*updated*) 10..11L/100km in the city and about 7.5.. 8L on the highway at about 130..140 km/h.

Climate control works very well.

Well.. radio, at least my model, sucks. Doesn't read CDRW, screen has some dead pixels,its too big and simply looks old style. I've bought an adapter and custom bezel (or whatever it's called) at eBay and bought JVC KD-AVX33 which does everything I need. I'm very satisfied!

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Review Date: 5th September, 2007