2001 BMW M Coupe 3.2


TGV train off rails


Dashboard had to be replaced. some gages ended up loose. front disks were replaced just after 20.000 km. note that the gas gage is not fast enough to keep up with reality, so you will end up siting in the side of the road waiting for assistance (read gas), often. Some problems also occurred with the Bose speakers.

General Comments:

Temperamental and nervous. 323 horsepower waiting to explode in long long controlled slides. amazing performance, seams twice as fast as a Porsche 911 although it's not faster. imagine if you will the cockpit of an airplane about to crash during the night in a storm. that's what you will feel when driving an MCoupe. Very intense very controllable precision circuit vehicle even if you are just going to work. this very very ugly BATMOBILE looks somewhat like a shark and it's as aggressive. unfortunately the brakes are not fade resistant and not that powerful. it's a huge fun automobile and it's probably the best second car you will ever own.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2003

8th Aug 2005, 18:57

Obviously you did not understand what I wrote.

I did buy the car because it is so ugly that actually it becomes as beautiful as art itself. About the handling, I tried to pass the message that it handles as a kart and that the power is so explosive that you almost enter insanity while driving it. I am an amateur race-car driver and I can make use of some of the capacities the car will deliver. The only defect that I pointed out were the brakes that really do not meet the requirements because they fade too much.