1999 Honda Accord LSi 1.6


Excellent value car


Broken cover for the radiator - fixed for around 1 EUR.

Noise and vibration from the gear lever, happens when accelerating - not solved yet, but shouldn't be too expensive.

Middle muffler is teared inside - expensive to replace, from the dealer around 1,000 EUR.

General tear and wear from a 15 year old car.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable, low noise on highway speeds (120 kph). It pulls OK for the power and weight, but it is not an S2000. If you push it, it will drain the fuel tank in a blink of an eye, but then again, it is not what this car is about. If you want a high revving and exciting 4 door Honda, buy a Civic instead.

Despite the above quoted problems, for the money I purchase the car, I would recommend it. It is really a good bargain nowadays.

Had to buy one, since it is one of only a couple of cars my wife enjoys the styling of (for the money) and she has a point. It is still a good looking car.

The servicing is expensive at the dealerships, but you don't have to do it so many times, so it's OK for me.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2013

2003 Honda Accord Sport Automatic 2.0 Sport


Great car that's underrated rather than underachieving


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

As stated in several professional reviews, the Accord has always been underrated rather than underachieving.

I was looking for a second-hand car in the range of Volkswagen Passat, Audi A4 Tdi or BMW 320d.

I have a Citroen C4 HDI as a company car, and when I drove the Passat 1.9 Tdi (2002 Model) it felt like a car worse than the Citroen. Apart from the great power from the Tdi, there was way too much noise and vibration from the engine into the cabin.

I realized that the engine from the Passat was the same as the Audi, so the problem would be very similar.

I test-drove the Accord right after the Passat because my wife love it, and from the first meters of driving, i said “This is a proper engine and a proper car!”.

The engine and the automatic gearbox are very smooth and silent. It's the kind of car where you can't hear the engine when it's idling, nor when it's cruising at 120 /130 Km/h.

This car is very good at overtaking, specially considering it's size and weight.

On the other hand, the fuel consumption is OK, and i can average 7,7 litre /100 km on motorways and normal driving, which i find very good for a 2 litre engine with automatic gearbox.

The ride is firm, but comfortable, and the handling is very good.

This isn't a car for the fans of gadgets. It doesn't even have a trip computer, but i guess Honda spent the money on more important things, like the car itself.

There are another two factors that influenced my purchase decision:

1) This is my 4th Honda engine (including motorcycles). I still own my ’96 Civic with a history of absolute no failures (including headlamps).

2) At least where i live, you step every often into series 3 BMW's and Audi's A4. Strangely enough, it's much more exclusive to have a Accord than any of these German cars (the price is almost the same), and the engineering it's well up to it's German competitors standards, minus some bells, whistles and troubles.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2005

24th Feb 2008, 13:49

Hi, this is the original reviewer.

I sold the accord after 9000 kms.

I didn't have any problem with it, but around here petrol is very expensive and the normal fuel consumption of the accord with a VERY light foot was 8,8 litres /100 km.

The depreciation of this car in Portugal is amazing (because it isn't a diesel engine), so I had a good chance to sell it and I took it.

With time I became aware of some design faults, such as road noise which is unacceptable for a car like this.

On the other hand, the handling isn't that great. On tight corners, the tires reach the limit way too soon, and most smaller/modest cars can (at least) keep up with the accord on a twisty road.

This was a huge disappointment, because my '96 civic is still very fun to drive on twisty roads.

Another thing is the auto gearbox: It's smooth, but like most regular Honda's (the not sporty ones), it has long gear ratios. The top speed (220 km/h) can only be achieved in fourth gear. This means that the car isn't that fast after the first two gears.

I sold the Accord and bought a Audi A4 with a diesel engine and 130hp.

It is a lot faster (6 speed gearbox), handles like a small sports car on twisty roads, pulls at any rpm, and has a fuel consumption of 5,9 litres/100 kms.

The Accord is a good car for old people, and I have no doubts than it is more reliable than any Audi, but if you want a fun car, stay away from the Accord.

15th Aug 2010, 16:20

Since 3 months I have an 2003 Accord Sport automatic. Though 7 years old, it has only driven 44000 kilometers!

For me, it is a supercar. I don't agree that it is a car for old people; the fuel consumption is 1:13,5, it is a very safe car.

The reason for buying it is the reliability and the V-tec engine.

1994 Honda Accord ES 2.0i


I really hope that Honda keep up with this standards


Two door actuators had to be replaced. I open one of them and the cause is that the metal head inside brakes after some intensive use.

Of course, after 10 years some wear is appearing everywhere.

General Comments:

My Honda Accord is may daily companion, after more than 10 years never stop me on the road.

OK, I also have been nice to "him" and people from my local Honda dealer are 5 stars professionals.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2005