1999 Honda Logo 1.4 petrol


Good value speed/money, but not comfort


The suspensions don't last long, after some 60.000kms you start to feel ALL the holes in the road.

It doesn't brake very well, even with ABS, crashed it once because of that. The front brake discs had to be replaced, luckily they were in the warranty.

Cheap quality interior, lots of noises from everywhere.

General Comments:

It responds very well to the throttle! For such a small car it really kicks! You can easily ride at high speeds on the highway, but you will then find out where it's getting all its power. The fuel indicator is one of the fastest things on the car!

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Review Date: 30th November, 2001

4th Mar 2016, 01:31

I've owned one since 2007. The brakes work well if you gradually step on them. During panic braking, if you floor it you won't get a response. This is true with all ABS systems.

Mine has 160,000 km and is still going strong, and trust me the road conditions and drivers here in the Caribbean are insanely bad.