1998 Hyundai Atoz GLS+ 999


Gets the job done!


(Warranty) Noise on the transmission (I think) at 30000Km, I reported to the dealer, they said that the transmission was lubricated, but the noise didn't stop, eventually the problem went away without more service.

General Comments:

I bought this car new and I'm still driving it, I had no serious problems with it, always have been very reliable! I've made a road trip from Lisbon/Portugal to Paris/France only stopping for fuel (+-1800Km).

I adapted this car to run with GPL (propane) so is very economic on the fuel department, I had some problems with the propane kit though (Lovato) but I think is normal due to the use.

Performance... well this car has only 999cc/55hp/850Kg... is very normal it slows when you put more weight or when the road starts to go up, specially when running on propane (less power than gasoline), to get more power I replaced the factory intake with a direct intake with conic K&N air filter and replaced the factory spark plugs (NGK nickel) with BOSCH Super-4 (coper pole), only this gave my ATOZ the extra power it needed with an extra... I can make +-40Km more than before, specially if the air filter is clean! The down side is the engine is louder due to removal of the resonator box from the air intake, I don't mind thought, sounds and performs more like a racing car now :-), cars in the same engine/power segment (1000cc-1200cc) have no change now, even running with propane.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2004