1993 Hyundai Scoupe LS 1.5L


Its been a great car!


The dash was sun damaged on the drivers side and there was shrinkage to the vinyl dash on passenger side when I bought it, still not fixed.

All 4 struts replaced.

All 4 springs replaced for Eibach (just outstanding result).

All belts 60,000 Km.

Clutch slave cylinder.

Power window switch faulty (easy fix).

Black paint peeling off mirrors, hood and top side panel, clear coat bubbling up on spoiler, drivers front quarter panel and door.

Trunk release button didn't work until I cleaned the carbon from the switch contacts (easy fix try it!).

Alternator went bad at 97,000 km.

Distributor cap went bat at 97,000 km.

Valve seals leaked (now fixed).

Persistent brake squeak (not fixed).

Bumpers crack at the slightest impact.

Speedometer lights burnt out (that turned out quite expensive).

Brakes and all front hoses replaced.

Platinum spark plugs (Excellent choice).

Complete new performance Exhaust system with larger diameter and no longer cataliyzed (Good performance result).

Tie rod assembly 100,000 km.

Ball joints 100,000 km.

Lambda and temperature sensor's were bad causing the fuel system to flood and not start occasionally (also a bit expensive).

Gearbox cables burst.

General Comments:

I know that many many thing have gone wrong with this car, but honestly I really love it!

It's a very stylish car, very nice lines.

It handles really well (i have those Eibach 3cm lowering springs and 195/50 R15 with Michelin Pilot Exalto).

It is a rather quick car (but could be quicker) in the city streets and does 197 Km/h on the highway (not much, but enough to get a good speeding ticket).

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Review Date: 20th October, 2003