1999 Mazda 323 S 1.3


A car isn't only an engine


- It's very noisy on the highway, looks like the windows are open.

- When I go reverse with the wheels turned to the right, I listen to a "tac tac tac".

- If I turn the steering wheel from one side to the other when the car is parked, there's a noise again.

- The door panels inside the car are poor.

- All four electric windows regulators broken. very expensive parts here in portugal,

General Comments:

- Very good engine and gearbox so far

- Handles well

- Comfortable

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Review Date: 6th February, 2010

21st Aug 2010, 17:56

The tac-tac-tac noise you hear on full left or right steering lock is indicative of the CV (constant velocity) joints in need of replacement. If you look behind your front wheels, where the rubber boot goes over the driveshaft, it's most likely to have split open, leaking the grease out, and letting dirt and other debris in, causing the CV joint part of the driveshaft to wear out, therefore giving you that click-click sound.

A good driveshaft shop would be able to carry out the replacement driveshaft fitment, at a fraction of the cost of a dealer.