2001 Mitsubishi Space Star Sport 1.9 DID


Very fast car with a low price


Plastic switch of both sides (driver and passenger) electric windows broke.

Bearing of the top of the shock absorber failure.

Paint is a bit soft. Paint of the mirrors went off.

Air cond. gas had to be changed. Not enought cold when A.C. is on.

General Comments:

Good handle and excellent braking power. This car is very fast and is very economical. On average 5L to 6L /100km.

Very reliable car and the engine fits good, but lacks power before 2000 rpm. This issue can be frustrating in mountain road.

Driving position is like driving a big truck.

Some parts are expensive!

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Review Date: 8th January, 2008

27th Dec 2011, 09:15

You made very fair review, I say.

We own the 2001 SpaceStar 1.9 DI-D (75kW version), we bought it in Spring 2011. The car was imported from Italy, it was repainted there.

Good and quite fast for a small-medium car (can do 200 km/h on a highway).

Also problems with broken electric windows switch, top cabin light switch, and very irritating, bearing off the top of the shock absorber failure. Our car came with no luggage-covering shelf, so we had to make one to hide our luggage from curious looks.

It has too weak performance when the A/C is on and the engine is at <2000 rpm (before the turbine starts). I never expected this on a strong diesel car.

Otherwise, it's good for us, only we need a larger boot definitely.

I confirm average diesel consumption of 5-6 l/100km.