1993 Nissan Micra Super S 1.3 petrol


Indestructible fast little car


When I bought the car, there was a rattling noise coming from the timing chain, which meant it was time for a change, so I bought a cheap FAI timing chain kit and my dad replaced it.

After 1500 km or so, I started hearing a whirling noise coming from the engine; I couldn't really track the origin of it, so I just kept driving the car until it got worse. So my dad decided to check if everything was OK with the timing chain; that's when we found out the chain was rubbing the timing chain tensioner, spreading chips of plastics all over the engine, including the oil pan, almost clogging it!

Installed a new cheap timing chain kit and everything happened again, which made me go for a much more expensive timing chain kit (Blueprint); almost 10.000km later and no problems!

General Comments:

It's a little car with rock solid reliability, the 1.3 engine is really flexible and moves really well around town, there aren't many cars with small engines that can keep the pace of the Super S. It looks really good compared to a standard Micras, and it has a lot of equipment for a car that is over 20 years old. The interior has aged really well; there are a lot of 2000s cars with interiors more outdated than the Micra.

I regularly do 300km trips in it, and it's really comfortable, even for people in the back. The only con is that at 120 km/h you're going way past 3000 RPM.

Still runs like a clock, it has a Remus backbox, a Nodspeed 2nd decat and a custom airbox (it has a deep tone, really loud at higher RPM). For stability I also fitted a Cusco front strut bar and a Nodspeed rear strut bar, which has 'sacrificed' the trunk but the car feels really stable now, even at speeds over 130 km/h. It has white OZ Ruote Rally wheels, which makes the car look like a proper rally car. All my friends say they never thought a Micra could look/sound and drive this cool!

If you're on a budget and you're looking for your first car, look no further, the Super S is an amazing car!

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Review Date: 8th November, 2015

1989 Nissan Micra 1.2 LX k-10 1.2 Gas


The car is reliable and cool to drive


An year ago the car got a leak in the gas tank.

About a month ago its two lamps died.

General Comments:

Very reliable. Very cool to drive. Handles well even on wet roads. Consumption is high, about 7.5 litter per 100 kilometer. Good visibility when parking. I already got five accidents with the car: 3 minor, and 2 medium. It wasn't expensive to repair and it is as good as new.

Acceleration is good, but it's no match for most of the current cars, except in turns.

My model has open-air system, that is really cool with the Portuguese weather.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2005

24th Aug 2005, 12:10

I agree, my '90 Micra only can achieve with careful driving about 35 MPG's, and sometimes as low as 25 MPG's with hard driving. I'd say the problem lies somewhere in the carburettor, which as I am planning to replace soon enough.