1994 Nissan Sunny SLX 1.4


An easy car with a good engine


The clutch is very poor and had to be changed 3 times in 8 years.

The chassis is very heavy at front.

The gearbox is too long.

The brakes are not very reliable.

General Comments:

Great!The 1.4 Sunny is a great car. Its 87 hp are a little bit weak, as they only start working at 6000 RPM.

The under-steering of the car is easily compensated with the help of the handbrake.

Brakes as well as the clutch are the weak points of the Sunny, as they are very, very, weak indeed!

Interiors are not the best at market, but are better than the Opel or the Golf.

The gearbox handle is very well positioned, as well as the steering wheel.

A 195/R14' wheels are a very good option to choose. The factory one's 175/R13 are very lousy on sharp curves and wet asphalt.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

26th Nov 2003, 13:25

All those comments seems pretty intelligent and right. my bro has a 94 Sunny SLX with the 1.4 and his clutch is dying these last weeks.

Say, could you provide us with the right setting for the carburetor, 'cauz the car seems to eject not burned fuel. Thx in advance.

1993 Nissan Sunny SLX 2 door hatchback 1.4 petrol


35000 Km - right front window elevator not working properly (window got stuck).

General Comments:

Very much reliable.

Very good 16V 1.4 engine.

Continental tyres are not good for wet weather conditions.

Gearbox good for economy, but not so good for performance (very long ratio).

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Review Date: 14th February, 1999

11th Jan 2002, 18:31

About the gearbox:

I love it that way... It's very reliable and it's what gives an excellent acceleration performance...

Excellent 2nd and 3rd shifts..

About the right front window:

I got the same problem but the repair can be done by yourself... just a little bit of oil.