1991 Opel Calibra 16v 2.0 16v


Stunning good looking car! Although it might look cheap for under 4000€, it's not a cheap car!


- Alternator was working, but badly

- Rotten spark leads

- ABS modulator was damaged

- Rattling doors

- Broken suspension

- Broken suspension toppings

- Water leaks

- Sunroof non working

- More than 20 small problems.

All of these problems above except the doors were solved, and as of now the 1991 car with 15 years on the clock is shining and brand new.

General Comments:

A good looking car and cheap for its class, the Calibra is a serious car, a proper man's car.

It's basically a Vectra, and that's not even half bad, The Calibra is very reliable for its age, 15 years and lots of problems, but to be honest with you, it never let me wrong even one time.

I got back from Spain one day, EML (Engine Management Light) on, the car didn't stop, fixed the problem for less than 20€, Overall, I was able to restore my car to near perfect for only 4000€, and that includes new tyres, new suspension, new paint and almost new leather interior.

All in all the title says it all, it might be a cheap car to buy from someone, but to have it be completely perfect without any problems, I would say it's a rather good reliable car! Although the 16v version on this one is the RedTop C20XE engine, I heard that the X20XEV Ecotec engine is very Weakotec as they use to say, so stay away from Ecotec.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2006

29th Mar 2007, 04:30

I don't think the guy from portugal would have any idea what you're talking about lol.

21st Jun 2007, 17:35

I do know what he is talking about I love my calibra I'm about to get my turbo and still stickying with my 16v, but I had a lotus esprit v8 gt 354bhp I know what a car is :)

1991 Opel Calibra 2000i 16v


A car made by the hands of God


The only thing that gone wrong with the car was the oil veins corrosion.

And some traces of a 12 year old car... and the electrical roof.

In the interior some plastic parts are starting to open... crashing... because of the sun.

General Comments:

In my dream of a kid... I really love that car... that's a BOMB... despite of 1991 my origin, the black paint is quite like it has been painted yesterday.

That car is my second girlfriend.

Everybody likes it!!!

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Review Date: 30th July, 2003

19th Mar 2004, 08:37

I completely agree with your out look on the Calibra. My cousin has a H reg version and it is a beautiful looking thing and very fast!