1994 SAAB 900 SE Turbo Coupé 2.0 turbo


I'm very happy with my SAAB


Nothing. I have had the 900 for a year, and I bought it from a senior citizen that didn't use it much. The car was new! With all maintenance on schedule at a Saab dealer. I did 4000 Km in 1 year; basically it's my 2nd car.

General Comments:

Good build for the time it was built; it is 16 years old now.

Powerful engine and fast response, but in my opinion, it's a car to cruise in, not to drive fast on sharp and tight roads, where it can be scary.

It has also a big boot; as big as some estates.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2010

17th Mar 2012, 14:26


Now with 112.000Km, nothing wrong has happened.

Just replaced the rear tires and the battery.

The fuel consumption, the best I can do is 9.8 Liters/100Km, but I do very short trips with it, 20Km max. On long trips it goes down to 7L/100Kms.

Great car!