2010 Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6


Superb in every way


Absolutely nothing, I didn't expect anything else from a Suzuki. And I pushed it quite hard.

General Comments:

After reading every review available online about the Swift Sport, my mind was set, I needed one!

It was no easy task finding one though, they are quite rare in Portugal and after searching online for almost a year, I found one in a dealer not far (40km) away from my home. Galactic Grey, 39000km on the clock, 2010... Price: 8750, which was a little above my budget. The dealer accepted to bring it down to 7500, probably due to the fact that it had been sitting there for more than a year.

Coming from a Nissan Micra Super S (1.3cc/75hp), what a huge upgrade this was!

Super handling, lots of power after 4500 RPM (acceleration felt really linear but once you hit 4500 RPM...) and a really exciting exhaust noise! The car interior had a few rattles, probably due to the harsh, but amazingly effective Monroe suspension.

On the highway it really felt like it needed a 6th gear. At 110km/h it was consuming about 6.5l/100km and at 120km/h it reached middle 7's with the rev counter hitting about 4000 RPM... This upset me a bit since petrol is really expensive in Portugal, and to top all this the Swift Sport required 98 octane petrol (later on I started using 95 octane premium and it made no difference!).

Clearly the Swift Sport wasn't intended for the highway, it's all about having fun around town and twisty country roads! You could easily beat 320d's, A4's and basically every other diesel car of that class.

Air con was great, bucket seats were comfy enough but a little harsh on the bottom.

It felt a lot more powerful than 125hp and like I mentioned above, you could easily race far more powerful cars, mainly due to the overall confidence it gives you. Braking was great too.

It's a really addictive car, it turns like it's on rails, and the stock exhaust makes a great noise when driven hard.

Sold it after a year and a half of ownership as I needed the money to invest in something else, but I will always have a place in my heart (and in my garage) for another one... ZC31s or the also awesome ZC32s.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 13th January, 2018