1999 Toyota Avensis Linea Luna 1.6


A Good Car


The Clutch Disk have to be replaced at 60000km.

It seems that the Clutch Disk was made by a British company. Toyota has changed the disk to one that was made by Toyota and used in the Avensis with Face-lift.

General Comments:

The engine has a good performance, it's soft in city and very good in a sport driving.

The suspension is a little too soft, is good for comfort, but in a sport driving is not very good.

So with a good engine a and a soft suspension this car really likes the high-roads, one time I have reached at 220Km/h (was only one time), After he reaches the 140km/h he begin to spend much fuel, but if you don't pass the 140Km/h is a very economic car, I have made one time in a high-way 400km with 30L of fuel.

The exterior design is very good.

The interior design could be better, but is not bad, at least is ergonomic.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th May, 2003