2004 Toyota Yaris Sol 1.0


A very wise choice


Only a small oil leak that was repaired by the local Toyota dealer, free of charge. Toyota service is excellent.

At the present, the front bumper painting is falling, probably because of terrible hot summer days.

General Comments:

For a small car it’s very interesting and reliable. Driving in the city is fun and the high driving position makes me feel safer. Fuel consumption is low, but if you drive only in the city don’t expect miracles.

The dashboard is marvelous and very inspiring. Seats are comfortable.

Driving in the country is a pleasure. Suspension is smooth.

The engine is very shy, but always reliable in any kind of weather and driving conditions, even with air conditioning on.

For a small car, general quality is very good, but… the interiors plastics are very easy to damage, especially by nails and shoes. Brakes make some strange noises. Rattling noises are a sad and annoying presence in all kind of roads. Seats clothing should be more resistant.

I like my Yaris a lot and a think I will only replace it by another Yaris (or a bigger Toyota model…). This car is a very, very wise choice.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2005

13th Oct 2005, 08:17

As a low budget option is very interesting, but for a Toyota is very disappointing. I hope Japanese do better in the "baby" Aygo.

27th Jan 2007, 12:31

I'm the original reviewer of this review page.

My Yaris is now three years old and this week I took it to the third check-up service which costed me 102 Euros. Once again, the local Toyota dealer provided an excellent service. The car is still very reliable and cheap to run, and I'm very satisfied despite the bad paint-job, the annoying rattles and some weak materials in the cabin.

1st Mar 2007, 19:20

If the paint is peeling on the front bumper.. is because the bumper has been scratched then repaint...

13th Apr 2007, 07:57


The bumper was not scratched. It's bad quality painting. Unfortunately, Toyota painting warranty doesn’t cover plastic parts, such as mirrors or bumpers…

2002 Toyota Yaris Bizz 1.4 D4-D


A great high performance little diesel


The security light did not flash.

This problem was fixed in one afternoon.

General Comments:

I really love this car, it handles very well and it is very fast for a 1.4 diesel engine.

The fuel economy is really high, it does 300km with 15 liters.

It is very comfortable and has a really god driving position, even for tall people.

The stereo could be a little better, but I think it has to do with the speakers.

Overall a great little (maybe not so little) car. Congratulations to Toyota.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2002