2001 Volkswagen Polo Confortline 1.2 petrol


I just do not sell it because I am still paying it!


Engine fault light appears all the time.

The instrument panel sometimes starts blinking and the light fades off.

The cover of the wheels comes off a lot!

General Comments:

The engine fault orange light appears since the car was 1000 km. Not even after more than 10 times the dealer fixed the problem. The answer they give is that the problem is I drive too much on the city. it’s normal, Polo is a city car!

I am tired of buying them. Now, the car have only 2.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2005

16th Jan 2006, 09:05

Re the Exhaust warning light - I used to see that very frequently, especially when the weather was very cold or very hot (below 0 centigrade, or above 30) ; by the time I had taken it to the dealer the light had "fixed itself". My Polo is 4 years old, and I've just had to pay a fortune on maintenance, over and above the annual service - £300 on a new cam-belt, and I'm having problems with my Throttle housing (another £600 on the way.) It has been a lovely car, but is showing its age now (after only 25000 miles. Its been nice, fun car to drive (very nippy!), especially in the 3-year warranty period, but it is time to get rid of it.

1991 Volkswagen Polo Fox 1.0 petrol


If only it was a Golf..


The radiator had to be changed.

It's starting to show a little too much rust.

The front passenger seat doesn't work, which makes me get of the car whenever anyone wants to get in.

The dashboard lights are starting to fade.

General Comments:

I really like this car.

It's very good, when moving through the city traffic.

However, because of the poor engine, the running costs are very high.

It had never let me down.

It's a great first car, because it's tough enough to suffer all of my mistakes.

The biggest problem for me is the engine.

I drive long distances very often, and I feel that my car should be just a little bigger with a bit more engine.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2005

1992 Volkswagen Polo 1.0


An underpowered gas guzzler..


Exhaust pipe & muffler fell some 4 times to the ground supposedly due to misalignment of the whole setup that caused extra load on the holding rubbers.

Stop brake light never worked.

Electric system failed twice. Had to be towed to repair. Pricey repair.

Cooling system failed once while on vacations in the middle of a trip... Fortunately I got to a mechanic in time...

Seat retraction to allow passengers on the back failed on both front seats once.

Had a big, growing, rust spot under the front window - some rusty points on the water channel above the rear window on both sides.

General Comments:

My fist car - it was either this or a Fiat Uno.

Awfully underpowered vehicle.

It needed some time to heat properly before usage, otherwise the engine wouldn't build up.

Had a tendency to heat up too much - especially on long voyages with moderate load.

Keep your eyes on the water level!

It didn't have a sealed glove compartment - so I couldn't keep anything of importance there (radio, etc).

It doesn't have a low gas warning light which is terribly important when you are young (and I was).

The car is a gas guzzler considering the engine power - 1000 cc - 45 HP... Mine did 8-9 lts at 100 km in city drive...

The muffler is set very low and it hits high obstacles easily.

The exhaust pipe protrudes too much from the rear - be careful not to fold the whole exhaust pipe against an obstacle when your going backwards!

Of course - no power steering - but it wasn't too heavy thank god!

This is a definitely a city car - forget it when your going on vacations and need to take some luggage.

I did get mine doing 150 km/h (on a descent OK) with 3 passengers and fully loaded - and when I say fully - I took luggage underneath my legs in the driver seat!

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Review Date: 15th November, 2003

10th Aug 2004, 14:45

(same guy, second thought)

Actually considering some of the other things you said in your review - such as it needing to be warm before it would run properly, only reaching 150kmh with a hill and a load... It sounds as if the motor really wasnt running right. At the first signs of these troubles after mine being great for two years - fine economy, able to shoot along at 150 or more in almost any condition - I sought professional advice. It was doing all that, sucking fuel, running very badly when cold, losing power...

A couple of parts replaced later - the engine gas (lambda) sensor, and the coolant temperature sensor - plus a new air filter to replace the very dirty one, and it was right back on track, as it was before. All of the above each costing the price of three or four beers! (plus the garage work, but I later found out I could have done it myself in about 10 minutes for the lot without "special" tools!) Hardly a big outlay!