1993 Volvo 460 GLi 1.6 Gasoline


Remember that owning a Volvo is a question of identity, taste and peace of mind


The only thing that is bad in the car, is the plastics, the seat plastics, the buttons on the dashboard and even some parts of the dashboard reveal that the model was a economic class made by Volvo, but still a great car, worth every penny...

General Comments:

Volvo 460 GLI.

If you don't like to drive very fast, it is quite economic car. She will do over 200km/h, but this will cost you every penny, and she does not drive well over 150 km/h, the back is a little unpredictable.

The car accelerates well, she is quick and responsive. But be careful with the curves because the back tends to slide a little bit when you are driving over 150 km/h.

It is a very comfortable car, you will love the seats, just like your sofas at home, and the air conditioning is very efficient, its practically like a moving living room.

It's a very safe car, the ABS brakes very well and the absorption structure is very good, once a truck hit my car in the bumper, and for my surprise it didnt break anything!

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Review Date: 29th October, 2003

19th Apr 2004, 11:55

I own same car, only it's 1994. If you have original radio in the car, you just have to wait for two hours and then re-enter your code.