2001 Land Rover Freelander SE 2.1




Sunroof replaced twice

Manifold/Thermostat replaced three times

Radiator replaced

Air-con Compressor replaced

Rear door lock replaced twice

Radio replaced

Side view mirror actuator replaced

Heater Core removed and jumpered by hose

Air-con blower motor replaced

Dashboard buttons look like they have been covered by wax.

Interior plastic rattles.

General Comments:

After 5 and a half years, My 2002 SE V6 Jatco Freelander is basically falling apart. This started to happen as soon as the rear wheels cleared the LR dealers lot on that fateful 12/31/01 sunny afternoon.

Innumerable and systematic quality issues make this modern day dinosaur an automotive flop, right of there with an Edsel, one Ford Granada and the venerable AMC vehicles when thing used to go wrong. At Land Rover they still do, and in a rather alarming way.

Poor parts quality and minimalistic design on everything other than the structure and suspension, makes this unfortunate Euro SUV and sad reminder of what a glossy brochure can do.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 23rd June, 2007

11th Aug 2010, 05:40

I was thinking about the missus and kids when I bought ours second hand with 14k on it. Paid 16k, looked well nice, salesman quickly told me about the BMW engine, auto, diesel, all singing.

We had a couple a good years out of it back and for the Vendee, but then the problems started; new gear box, 3k was the biggest choker. It's just deteriorated rapidly, still got it. Just seen one for sale on here somewhere for 5k, thought it's time to get rid, while the rad weld is still holding.

No I don't sell s**t used; buy a lot though. Will fork out for a new radiator, and probably get ripped off on fitting the f***ing thing.