1994 Mazda 626 GX 2.0


Mazda is a wreck and lemon car you should not buy


Almost everything had gone wrong on this pitiful car.

Timing belt had to be replaced. Alternator and a/c belt has to be change every 4 to 6 month.

Radiator leaks. Had to change it.

Motor leaks.

Transmission fluid leaks.

Speed Sensor Switch.

Air pump had to be replaced.

Air Conditioning has to be fix every year in summertime.

Transmission shifting problems.

Muffler repair.

Had to replaced the Alternator.

Starter had to be repaired.

Thermostat- few replacements were done.

Valve Cover Gasket replaced.

Water pump was replaced.

General Comments:

I still don't know if I did describe my problem with the car but I absolutely need to borough some tears because I lack of mine. I bought a problem for myself and now the transmission was fixed and I am still having the gear shifting problem. At first, I went to the shop and the guy told me to change the Speed Sensor Switch and I did it and solve my problem for another year. At the present, I have done the entire repair on the transmission, the SS-Switch is OK, solenoids had been change and we don't know how to solve the shifting problem. Any help on this? Any suggestions?

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Review Date: 5th June, 2008

1997 Mazda 626 DX 2.0


The car is a piece of junk


The engine has a big noise in the valves.

The motor mounts are very soft and the engine always is loose.

The transmission broke at 49,000 miles.

The left front rotor bearing was replaced at 41,000 miles.

The A/C compressor always has an ugly noise.

General Comments:

The car is very beautiful, but you need a lot of time and money to have one. In others words, that's the worst vehicle that I have ever had.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2002