2001 Chrysler Sebring Sedan LX 2.7


Prestige and sport on the same package


Radio telescopic antenna didn't extend anymore, probably needed often cleaning which I didn't do and the small motor met mechanical resistance and forced itself until it burned out.

Left back-door window stopped working, I guess my little girl kept her foot on the knob and forced it up until something stuck. Don't know yet whether the motor or a fuse is burned, or it has just disabled itself and needs a reset.

Sometimes the trunk doesn't open when trunk-release button is pushed while the engine is running. If I stop the engine, it works with no problem.

Around 55k, the gearbox started to shake the car when going from reverse to drive. A reset of the gearbox at the dealer fixed the issue and now it changes R / N / D smoothly.

Some noises in the back train over road bumps, it turns out that some rubber coils placed on top of the dampers need to be changed.

Chromed wheels needed cleaning around the air valve, since it corroded inside and leaked air.

General Comments:

The car is equipped with 2.7 v6 engine, developed from the Mitsubishi engine from Stratus, and auto gearbox. Dealer uses Castrol 5w30 (around 16 Eur / liter) which allows a very easy cold start in winter and smooth high revs.

It drives very smoothly and shifting gears is made senslessly. The 202 BHP and the v6 design really give a push when needed. Coupled with sequential mode of shifting gears it really helps you when you need to get over a line of lazy cars aligned behind a truck.

Fine leather seats with heating, great for winter time. Since it's so comfortable, I was able to drive 1,000 km in only one day in heavy traffic conditions. It easily reaches 4000 rpm where it reaches 190 km/h and you won't feel it because of the good air coefficient and VERY good noise insulation. Top speed is electronically limited around 220 km/h. Driving on snow it's very predictable, the car is very stable and neutral on corners.

Despite the electrical glitches (minor), the car is solid built and it never let me down and never had any engine / gearbox errors. Fuel consumption is good for it's size and mass. The trunk it's huge, so it's a good option as a family car. I find the 2001 model a better design and head-turner than the face lift, and definitely better than 2007. I recommend.

Adrian Surugiu.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2007

16th Jun 2010, 16:00

A Dodge Stratus trunk lid won't open if the car's in DRIVE. Put the car in PARK and the trunk will open. I thought mine was broken too, but I was trying to open it while in gear with the brake on.