1986 Dacia 1310 TLE 1.3 petrol


An multi environment bargain


The water pump was leaking.

The radiator is leaking.

The gearbox cracked and it was replaced.

The seats are a mess.

The chassis is deformed.

The suspension is wear out.

General Comments:

A very sturdy car. It won't quit, even if the sole maintenance was an rebuilt engine.

Very good for off-road, it doesn't care about rocks and wood and all the debris you may find on forest roads.

It keeps 110 Km/h on highway without problems, except for some overheating; it is equipped with an electric fan so this is not a big issue.

Nice speed-up in the 3rd, can hit 90Km/h.

Underpowered, but furious with only 55 horse power.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2003

1993 Dacia 1310 .1400Break 1.4


Best for Romania (mother-country), smart daughter of Renault


-The front sole plate (down, between the front wheels and the front chairs) had to be changed because of the rust.

General Comments:

Bucharest,12.12.02.To tell you the truth, you must buy only factory-made spare parts. I have an 1993 five doors Dacia. I prefer it to a 1999 Dacia, because after 1995 the car get rusty to soon. After 1994-95, the factory use black iron plate instead of treated iron plate. The engine is 1400 cc with a 5 speeds gear and for me seems to have the right power. I had an old (1978) Opel with 1200cc I the car was not alive enough, not to speak about the expensive and poor offer of spare parts. I painted every plate on my Dacia to protect from rust and the car is as good as a new one. I made it double-feed, both oil and ecological gas and now it's economical. I hate expensive cars. For Romania and for entire Europe Dacia it's a chance for people who want a good car without spending all savings. After all a car must be a good and cheap worker for a driver, not a sexy walking stereo.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

13th Nov 2003, 21:15

"...hard to adapt it for animal traction"?

Does that mean hitching it to a horse to get it home after it breaks down?

19th Aug 2006, 03:45

Horse? I own this 12 years old Dacia for 4 years and 6 month and I was in a few long trips. I used it while building something, too. It never let me down.

I've read hear about Polo and other electronic cars problems.

I love my 1994 Dacia because is so good and only her age would push me to change it with a electronic controlled car.

Those who never had a modern car don't understand why is so useful for technology to turn from 1980-1990 modern and reliable cars to nowadays electronic controlled cars. I tell you the reason. Modern cars was more reliable.

So, horse is not for Dacia or Kadet | (modern cars), but for electronic depending cars.

In car industry, new doesn't mean modern. Modern is what makes customer to have a economical behaviour.

To much salt in food is not good.

Also too much technics is collapse.

The future belong to reliable and quality goods, or the future does not exist!

It could sound strange, but I'm just trying to say that one should have the right to choose. Why should I choose a car with many gadgets that make it more expensive and less reliable.

This a non sens! Is like wearing a coat in the middle of the summer!

16th Feb 2009, 08:31

Coming back to my original comment "Smart daughter of Renault", I must say that my 1993 Dacia Break took me from Bucharest to Munchen and back in September 2008 (over 3.000 km), using LPG, maxim speed 120 km/h.

No parts were broken, not even rubber.

Coming home, I had to replace a little "condensator", placed near "rotor". I did it myself after the mechanic changed everything but that condensator.

This car use too many rotors, that must be changed in the electromotiveor.