1994 Daihatsu Feroza SE 1.6 petrol


A very good car; it was engineered for offroad, so in offroad driving you are like a king


The oil pressure bulb is on, when I start the car, and is still on a few seconds after the engine runs. After 10 - 15 seconds the light goes off. Maybe the oil I use (10W40) is too fluid for such an old car.

General Comments:

It`s very solid built, it's slow on normal roads, but in off road driving I feel that there is no place on earth I could not reach. Of course it had a lot of rust, but I made pieces of aluminium for the body and replaced the rusted parts.

There's a bit of oil consumption, because the car is old and has many kilometers (on the clock it shows only 5 digits, so I don't know if it has 164000, or 264000 or so). I think that for medium or a little hard offroad, it's OK.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 16th June, 2015