2007 Fiat Grande Punto Dynamic 1.4 77CP


What can I expect from a 13.000 EURO car?


I had driven only 4000Km and my front-right door makes a noise when I drive on a pavement road.

Near my right leg is a metal part (partially covered with plastic), which has starting heating when my Double Clima is on.

My subwoofer makes a broken noise, and the sound is not pure/clear when my bass is set on 5. I am obliged to set my bass at 2 or 3 for a decent sound.

General Comments:

I consider the boot/carrier very small.

The back window is also too small (the visibility is not good when I have to put the car in reverse).

The 2 glasses spaces situated in the front, near the gear lever, are not functional! If you put a glass there, you cannot use the gear lever, because there is no space enough between the support glass and the gear lever.

I don't have spaces for storage (the glove compartment is too small, the door compartment also, and the compartment situated in front of the space glass also).

The interior plastic materials, are not quality. If you try to knock from inside in the door, you will hear an emptiness/vacuum sound. So, the Grande Punto is not a solid car.

I consider also that my car's consumption in the city is enormous: 8,5-9 sometimes 10 (with A/C turn on). On the highway, the consumption is 7,5-8.

But what can I expect from a 13.000EURO car?

I like the design (little Maserati).

The car is really roomy.

I like the color (red Ferrari).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 10th September, 2007