2005 Ford Fiesta MK6 1.4 TDCI 68HP


I love it!


On bad roads, the backseat make some noise.

Nothing else so far.

General Comments:

The interior of the car is OK. Lots of plastics, but good quality. The seats are comfortable and in the front of the car there is enough space.

The 1.4 TDCI engine is just great. It is fast enough (more HP would be nice, but not mandatory) and eats very little fuel: 4.2 l/100km out of towns (with speed up to 110 km/h) and up to 6l in towns. Using the AC increase the consumption only by 0.3-0.5. I drove as fast as 180 km/h (on highway) and the consumption went up to 6.5-7 l/100 km.

In a town, this car is perfect. Handling it is very easy, it is small so you can park anywhere. The engine responds very quickly, and steering is precise.

For long trips, more that 2 persons in a Fiesta becomes a problem, because the trunk is not very large. Is large enough for 2 persons, or for 3-4 persons in a short (2-3 days) trip.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2005

2000 Ford Fiesta ENDURA DI 1.8 turbo diesel


Absolutely satisfied with this turbo diesel


No problem for the time being.

General Comments:

This is my first diesel, but after a few thousand of kilometers my impressions are good.

Despite the 1.8 liter engine, a low diesel consumption is characteristic for this car. I was really satisfied with 5.9 l diesel at an average speed of 140km/h on the highway. The Turbo gives to the car a satisfying 75hp. It's more than OK.

The power steering, assisted brakes, the four airbags will make out the driving to be a pleasure.

The Traffic 3000 audio system is a really good value.

For two persons the car is ideal. In case of two adults and some kids the space is OK. But four adults will stay a little bit crowded.

As minus I can notice the lack of glove box and trunk lights.

Also, changing the timing belt was a really 'nice' job for the mechanic. The engine is a little bit over-sized and he didn't have enough space around it.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2003

15th Nov 2004, 15:43

Ford diesel turbo. I am a driving instructor and for the last twelve years have driven Ford Fiesta`s.No real problems with any of them.Sound, good cars, built quality good, and they have to be when your teaching a wide range of people. The turbo diesel 1800 does well on performance. Mine has done 50000 miles in three years and returns over 50mpg in town and 60mpg on a run.Can't be bad.

22nd Oct 2005, 12:43

I have a 1.8 fiesta diesel and have had it for almost 10 years now it's a 95 model and still returns 50mpg even when driven hard which is most days. It has now covered 153,000mls and still going strong on the original clutch.

I have had it serviced like clockwork and stick to the changing of timing belts etc as per the manufactures spec.

The only problem I have had with it is the bushes which seem to be a weak point for this type of car especially the diesel, but if you can put up with that it's a great car.

2001 Ford Fiesta MacGregor 1.3


A very good and reliable car


Nothig yet.

General Comments:

I feel very good at the wheel of my Fiesta. I recommend a Fiesta to everyone hows looking for a fast and economical car. My Fiesta eats only 5 liters of unleaded per 100 km which is very little when you are on top of 60 Hp. I'm a big guy and my Fiesta does not provide enough space for my legs. It's a 3 door Fiesta. The audio is very good, I must say, it's a „3000 Traffic” radio-cassette.The lights are very powerful and you can manege very good in night time. The Car is very good soundproofed, you don't hear others from outside.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2002