2003 Ford Focus Futura 1.6i


Great maneuvrability, a true driver's car; but with nagging electrical problems


The engine burns over 1 liter of oil per 10000 kms - apparently this is a common problem for this type. Thankfully, engine performance and fuel consumption are not affected.

Then there's some electrical faults: when I bought it, the (original) alternator died, taking with it the main instrument cluster. Front low beam bulbs fail every 2-3 months. Rear fog lamp stopped working. Otherwise, it's a very good ride.

General Comments:

Fun to drive on twisting roads. Chuck it into the corners, and it will eagerly take them. Suspension and feedback are great, and revving the engine is a pleasure; it's very responsive.

Economical on highways and open roads, with decent fuel consumption (6.5l/100km). There's adequate space for people in the back; and with the rear seats folded, a lot of cargo space.

The heated windscreen is a blessing in winter; it will de-fog it in 1 minute, and melt ice in 2-3 minutes. A must have, in hard winter areas.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 15th March, 2013