2008 Kia Cee'd 16v 1.4 petrol 109 hp


A good reliable small compact; decent for Romanian roads


The battery was dead after two months, but it was replaced for free by the dealer - the problem was with the alarm system that was mounted by the Kia dealer after I bought the car.

It still loses the radio station after one hour or so. I am going to the dealer to replace the unit!

General Comments:

98% a very good car -- too bad that the engine that is really small, but the bigger 1.6 liter engine is not recommended for the big price and similar performance.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2010

16th Mar 2010, 03:49

10 000 km is too early to declare the car reliable.

109 hp should be enough, but I think the power is more on the paper than on the road. You really have to rev the engine very hard to feel some power.

2007 Kia Cee'd Basic 1.6 CRDi 90bhp turbo diesel


Price/spec great. I should have bought a second hand Honda


Car is still new at only 10000 km, but I've found the interior really hard to maintain clean.

Also the A.C. filter is low quality, and very expansive in dealer service.

I'm starting to feel that this 7 year warranty will more likely be a burden. As the maintenance prices are quite high in my country. Also the suspension is pretty hard, so if you'll take it on bad roads it won't be kind on your kidneys. Not a bad thing if you've got rocks on...

Oh yes fuel consumption on diesel... forget about it.

General Comments:

Good driving position. Maybe if you could get lower in your seat it would be better. Comfortable for long distances, nice adaptive steering.

The best part is price. For this money you won't get anything but a smaller class car with not as many features in standard spec.

I don't know how Kia dealers treat customers in other countries, but in Romania it's a disaster. When I went for a test drive I knew more about the car than the agent. They are lucky that this car sells on its own. My greatest fear... when I have to service the car.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2008